About Canada Safety Training

Canada Safety Training is a fast growing multi-disciplinary elearning, safety and consulting solutions company.

Our mission and philosophy is to partner with both the private and public sectors to help them optimize their assets and increase their long term success. We continuously strive to ensure that our clients have the education, resources and expertise to achieve their health, safety and environmental objectives by applying our knowledge and expertise through technology and our most valued assets – our people.

At Canada Safety Training we are dedicated to assist, implement and achieve an incident free work environment through our expertise in providing standards compliant safety training.  

We strive to provide only the highest quality safety training delivered through our user friendly custom training platform. We are constantly adding and modifying our products and services to match the continually changing Health and Safety sector, while providing the highest quality of customer service and support.

Mission Statement

Canada Safety Training is dedicated to help create an incident and injury free work environment for our clients. This is achieved by delivering a user friendly online training platform optimized to deliver safety training to users to give them the confidence and know-how to be safe in the workplace.  

"Several key principles help guide us with success and integrity. Listen, Knowledge, Sympathize, Vision, and Lead."

- S. Willsher | CEO

We listen to our clients with intensity and knowledge to ensure complete understanding of their challenges, concerns and goals. With the sympathy to our clients’ needs and issues we use our extensive knowledge and vision to help create a solution that meets and often surpasses their expectations and needs. We continue to work closely with our clients towards a seamless implementation of their Health and Safety goals. This is then followed by an ongoing customer service and quality control program, for your and our satisfaction.

Value Statement

We promise to earn each client's confidence and trust with our continual drive for excellence in our services, products and customer service.

Operating Principles

  1. We conduct business with only the highest moral and ethical standards.
  2. We strive to provide only the highest quality products and services.
  3. We are committed to providing only the highest levels of customer service.
  4. We settle for nothing less than excellence.
  5. Our executives are commitment to providing our employees and clients with the highest levels of support and service. Listening to, and helping our clients and employees with their needs is our foundation for excellence and success