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Elevate workplace safety with our exclusive Safety Training Bundle, offering comprehensive online certification in both WHMIS and TDG. Ideal for professionals across Canada, these courses provide essential knowledge for handling hazardous materials and transporting dangerous goods, ensuring compliance and enhancing safety protocols.

Course Outline

WHMIS Course:

Did you know that as a Canadian worker, you are legally required to be WHMIS trained if you work with or around hazardous materials? Fortunately, you can now get certified with our online WHMIS training program!

Our program is not only the most affordable, but it also includes the following modules to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of WHMIS:


Module 1

Overview of the WHMIS system and its workings.

Module 2

Physical Hazard Classes

Module 3

Health hazard classes and how they affect your health

Module 4

WHMIS labels and how to read them

Module 5

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and how to access important information about hazardous materials


Multiple Choice and True/False questions at the end of each module

TDG Course:

This online TDG Certification Program has been developed in accordance with Transport Canada's Dangerous Goods training requirements for the shipping, handling, and transportation of dangerous goods by ground. The course covers the following guidelines:

  • Guideline B - People Handling Dangerous Goods.
  • Guideline C - Offering for Transport of Dangerous Goods.
  • Guideline D - Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

The course has been designed to meet and exceed Transport Canada's Clear Language Regulations that set the training guidelines for TDG. By completing this course, you will obtain the certification required by Transport Canada to transport dangerous goods by ground. The course will guide you through all aspects of the TDG certificate system, emphasise key points, and test your knowledge retention

Module 1

Introduction to TDG

Module 2

Compliance and Training

Module 3


Module 4


Module 5

Safety Marks and Means of Containment

Module 6

Labels and Placards

Module 7


Module 8


Module 9

Reports and Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAPs)

Module 10

TDG Amendment Updates

What You Will Learn?


  • Understanding of WHMIS (GHS) standards.
  • Ability to identify hazards and use labels and SDS effectively.
  • Knowledge of safe handling and storage of hazardous materials.


  • Comprehensive understanding of TDG regulations.
  • Skills in classifying, labeling, and safely transporting dangerous goods.
  • Familiarity with emergency response procedures and documentation requirements.

Why Our Courses are the Best?

Canadian Standards Compliant Courses

Our WHMIS and TDG training courses are developed in accordance with the latest Canadian Government regulations and industry standards, ensuring that you receive up-to-date, comprehensive and compliant training.

Learn At Your Own Pace

With our online program, you can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, without travelling to a training facility or attending classes during work hours.

Free Multiple Exam Attempts

We offer free multiple exam attempts, so you can retake the exam until you pass and receive your certificate of completion.

Print Your Certificate Immediately

One of the most important benefits of taking WHMIS and TDG training is to get the certification. As soon as you complete the exam, you can print your certificate of completion to prove your WHMIS and TDG training.

Stored Training Records

Your training history and exam results are stored for a minimum of three years, making it easy for you and your employer to access and review your training records.

Dedicated User Support

We have a team of dedicated user support specialists available to assist you with any questions or concerns during the training process.


Online WHMIS and TDG training is often less expensive than in-person training, eliminating the need for travel, accommodations, and classroom materials.

Easy Access to Course Material

With online WHMIS and TDG training, you'll have access to all course material in one place.

Comprehensive Coverage

Both training covers all aspects of the handling and transportation of hazardous chemical and goods. 

Regular Updates

Our training are regularly updated to meet the latest government regulations and industry standards.


Steps to Enroll in the Bundle:

Step 1: Create your account
Step 2: Purchase the required safety training course or bundle
Step 3: Assign courses to your employees using registration codes
Step 4: Track employee progress, transcripts, and certificates through the User Completion Report feature.


Who should take these courses?

  • Individuals working with or around hazardous materials (WHMIS) and those involved in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and transportation sectors.

Is WHMIS/TDG training mandatory in Canada?

  • Yes, Canadian law requires workers to be trained in WHMIS if they work with hazardous materials and in TDG for those involved in transporting dangerous goods.

How long are the courses?

  • Both the WHMIS and TDG courses are designed to be completed at your own pace, with WHMIS taking approximately 60 minutes and TDG varying based on the depth of engagement with the material.

How often is retraining required?

  • It's recommended to reassess WHMIS training annually and TDG training as regulations and job roles change, ensuring ongoing compliance and safety.

Can I retake the exams if I don't pass?

  • Yes, both courses offer free multiple exam attempts, allowing you to retake the exams until you achieve a passing score.

How do I access my certificate?

  • Upon successful completion of each course, you can immediately print your certificate of completion as proof of your training.
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WHMIS & TDG Course Bundle

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Proudly Training Workers Across Canada Since 2005

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